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Published Journals of the Academic Year 2022 - 2023
Sr.No.Applicant NameJournal NameTitle Of PublicationAuthor NameCountry Name
1Dr Natalia EstradaAnnals of HematologyOral anticoagulation to prevent thrombosis recurrence in polycythemia vera and essential thrombocythemiaEstrada N (position: 15/18)Spain
2Dr Natalia EstradaAnnals of HematologyPrognostic risk models for transplant decision-making in myelofibrosisEstrada N (position: 10/22)Spain
3Dr Natalia EstradaAnnals of the New York Academy of ScienceComparison of flow-FISH and MM-qPCR telomere length assessment techniques for the screening of telomeropathiesFerreira MSV, Kirschner M, Halfmeyer I, Estrada N, et alSpain
4Dr Natalia EstradaBlood Cancer JournalSafety and efficacy of asciminib treatment in chronic myeloid leukemia patients in real-life clinical practiceGarcia-Gutiérrez V, Luna A, Alonso-Dominguez JM, Estrada N, et alSpain
5Dr Natalia EstradaBritish Journal of HaematologyClinical characteristics, prognosis and treatment of myelofibrosis patients with severe thrombocytopeniaEstrada N (position: 9/21)Spain
6Dr Natalia EstradaEuropean Journal of HaematologyPredictive factors for anemia response to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in myelofibrosisEstrada N (position: 12/17)Spain
7Dr Natalia EstradaEuropean Journal of HaematologyRisk factors for non-melanoma skin cancer in patients with essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia veraEstrada N (position: 7/14)Spain
8Dr Natalia EstradaHemasphereInfluence of telomere length on the achievement of deep molecular response with imatinib in chronic myeloid leukaemia patientsEstrada N, Xicoy B, Fabian B, et al.Spain
9Dr Natalia EstradaHLANatural killer cell receptors and ligand variants modulate response to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in patients with chronic myeloid leukemiaClosa L, Xicoy B, Zamora L, Estrada N, Colomer D, Herrero MJ, Vidal F, Alvarez-Larrán A, Caro JLSpain
10Dr Natalia EstradaJournal of Clinical MedicineImpact of BCR-ABL1 Transcript Type on Response, Treatment-Free Remission Rate and Survival in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Treated with ImatinibMarcé S, Xicoy B, García O, Cabezón M, Estrada N et al.Spain
11Dr Natalia EstradaLeukaemia ResearchMutational profile and relative telomere length in Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia subgroups according to the 2016 World Health Organization classificationMartinez-Verbo L, Estrada N, Cabezón M, Palomo L, García O, Arnan M, Coll R, Xicoy B, Zamora LSpain
12Dr Natalia EstradaLeukemiamiR-146a rs2431697 identifies myeloproliferative neoplasm patients with higher secondary myelofibrosis progression riskEstrada N (position: 19/28)Spain
13Dr Natalia EstradaLeukemia ResearchComparison of three prognostic scoring systems in a series of 146 cases of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML)Estrada N (position: 7/10)Spain
14Dr Natalia EstradaMedicina Clínica (Barcelona)Clinico-biological characteristics of patients with myelofibrosis: an analysis of 1,000 cases from the Spanish Registry of MyelofibrosisEstrada N (position: 10/27)Spain
15Dr William GreyBiochimica et biophysica actaThe Cks1/Cks2 axis fine-tunes Mll1 expression and is crucial for MLL-rearranged leukemia cell viability.William Grey (corresponding author), Adam Ivey, Thomas A.Milne, Torsten Haferlach, David Grimwade, FUnited Kingdom
16Dr William GreyBioRxivDynamic regulation of hierarchical heterogeneity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia serves as a tumor immunoevasion mechanismConstandina Pospori (author) William Grey (author) Sara Gonzalez Anton (author) Shayin Gibson (authoUnited Kingdom
17Dr William GreyBioRxiv (in revision Sci.Trans.Med.)CKS1-dependent proteostatic regulation has dual roles combating acute myeloid leukemia whilst protecting normal hematopoiesisW. Grey (author) A. Rio-Machin (author) P. Casado-Izquierdo (author) J.J. Miettinen (author) F. CoplUnited Kingdom
18Dr William GreyBloodActivation of the receptor tyrosine kinase RET improves long-term hematopoietic stem cell outgrowth and potencyW. Grey (author) R. Chauhan (author) M. Piganeau (author) H. Huerga Encabo (author) M. Garcia-AlbornUnited Kingdom
19Dr William GreyBlood cancer journalHigh expression of HMGA2 independently predicts poor clinical outcomes in acute myeloid leukemia.Marquis M1, Beaubois C1, Lavallée VP2, Abrahamowicz M3, Danieli C3, Lemieux S2, Ahmad I4, WeiUnited Kingdom
20Dr William GreyCerebral CortexDeficiency of Cks1 Leads to Learning and Long-Term Memory Defects and p27 Dependent Formation of Neuronal Cofilin Aggregates.Kukalev A (author) Ng YM (author) Ju L (author) Saidi A (author) Lane S (author) Mondragon A (authorUnited Kingdom
21Dr William GreyEndocrine PathologyThe RET E616Q Variant is a Gain of Function Mutation Present in a Family with Features of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 2AWilliam Grey (author) Rosaline Hulse (author) Anna Yakovleva (author) Dilyana Genkova (author) BenjaUnited Kingdom
22Dr William GreyExperimental HematologyUnderstanding of the crosstalk between normal residual hematopoietic stem cells and the leukemic niche in acute myeloid leukemiaAntoniana Batsivari (co-first author) William Grey (co-first author) Dominique Bonnet (author)United Kingdom
23Dr William GreyHuman MutationDeficiency of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor, CDKN1B, Results in Overgrowth and Neurodevelopmental DelayWilliam Grey (author) Louise Izatt (author) Wafa Sahraoui (author) Yiu-Ming Ng (author) Caroline OgiUnited Kingdom
24Dr William GreyJournal of Experimental MedicineModeling the human bone marrow niche in mice: From host bone marrow engraftment to bioengineering approachesAnder Abarrategi (author) Syed A. Mian (author) Diana Passaro (author) Kevin Rouault-Pierre (author)United Kingdom
25Dr William GreyNature CommunicationsSelective inhibition of cancer cell self-renewal through a Quisinostat-histone H1.0 axisCristina Morales Torres (author) Mary Y. Wu (author) Sebastijan Hobor (author) Elanor N. WainwrightUnited Kingdom
26Dr William GreyNature communicationsThe combination of CHK1 inhibitor with G-CSF overrides cytarabine resistance in human acute myeloid leukemia.Alessandro Di Tullio, Kevin Rouault-Pierre, Ander Abarrategi, Syed Mian, William Grey, John Gribben,United Kingdom
27Dr William GreyNature GeneticsMapping long-range promoter contacts in human cells with high-resolution capture Hi-CBorbala Mifsud (author) Filipe Tavares-Cadete (author) Alice N Young (author) Robert Sugar (author)United Kingdom
28Dr William GreyStem cell reportsHuman Erythroid Progenitors Are Directly Infected by SARS-CoV-2: Implications for Emerging Erythropoiesis in Severe COVID-19 Patients.Huerga Encabo H (author) Grey W (author) Garcia-Albornoz M (author) Wood H (author) Ulferts R (authoUnited Kingdom
29Dr Bettina WingelhoferApplied Radiation and IsotopesPreloading with L-BPA, L-tyrosine and L-DOPA enhances the uptake of [(18)F]FBPA in human and mouse tumour cell linesWingelhofer, B., Kreis, K., Mairinger, S., Muchitsch, V., Stanek, J., Wanek, T., Langer, O., et al.United Kingdom
30Dr Bettina WingelhoferCancer CellThe ERBB-STAT3 Axis Drives Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor DiseaseKosack, L.*, Wingelhofer, B.*, Popa, A.*, Orlova, A.*, Agerer, B., Vilagos, B., Majek, P., et al.United Kingdom
31Dr Bettina WingelhoferCancersSTAT5 is Expressed in CD34 +/CD38 - Stem Cells and Serves as a Potential Molecular Target in Ph-Negative Myeloproliferative NeoplasmsHadzijusufovic E, Keller A, Berger D, Greiner G, Wingelhofer B, Witzeneder N, Ivanov D, et al.United Kingdom
32Dr Bettina WingelhoferCarcinogenesisFibroblast growth factor receptor 4: a putative key driver for the aggressive phenotype of hepatocellular carcinomaGauglhofer, C., Paur, J., Schrottmaier, W.C., Wingelhofer, B., Huber, D., Naegelen, I., et al.United Kingdom
33Dr Bettina WingelhoferExpert Opinion on Therapeutic TargetsEmerging therapeutic targets in myeloproliferative neoplasms and peripheral T-cell leukemia and lymphomasOrlova, A., Wingelhofer, B., Neubauer, H.A., Maurer, B., Berger-Becvar, A., Keseru, G.M., et al.United Kingdom
34Dr Bettina WingelhoferFrontiers in OncologyEmerging Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets in Acute Myeloid LeukemiaWingelhofer, B., and Somervaille, T.C.P.United Kingdom
35Dr Bettina WingelhoferHaematologicaHigh activation of STAT5A drives peripheral T-cell lymphoma and leukemiaMaurer, B., Nivarthi, H., Wingelhofer, B., Pham, H.T.T., Schlederer, M., Suske, T., et al.United Kingdom
36Dr Bettina WingelhoferLeukemiaDrug-induced inhibition of phosphorylation of STAT5 overrides drug resistance in neoplastic mast cellsPeter, B., Bibi, S., Eisenwort, G., Wingelhofer, B., Berger, D., Stefanzl, G., Blatt, K., et al.United Kingdom
37Dr Bettina WingelhoferLeukemiaImplications of STAT3 and STAT5 signaling on gene regulation and chromatin remodeling in hematopoietic cancerWingelhofer, B., Neubauer, H.A., Valent, P., Han, X., Constantinescu, S.N., Gunning, P.T., et al.United Kingdom
38Dr Bettina WingelhoferLeukemiaO-GlcNAcylation of STAT5 controls tyrosine phosphorylation and oncogenic transcription in STAT5-dependent malignanciesFreund, P., Kerenyi, M.A., Hager, M., Wagner, T., Wingelhofer, B., Pham, H.T.T., Elabd, M., et al.United Kingdom
39Dr Bettina WingelhoferLeukemiaPharmacologic inhibition of STAT5 in acute myeloid leukemiaWingelhofer, B., Maurer, B., Heyes, E.C., Cumaraswamy, A.A., Berger-Becvar, A., et al.United Kingdom
40Dr Bettina WingelhoferLeukemiaPre-clinical activity of combined LSD1 and mTORC1 inhibition in MLL-translocated acute myeloid leukaemiaDeb, G.*, Wingelhofer, B.*, Amaral, F.M.R., Maiques-Diaz, A., Chadwick, J.A., Spencer, et al.United Kingdom
41Dr Bettina WingelhoferMolecular Cancer ResearchMalignant Phenotypes in Metastatic Melanoma are Governed by SR-BI and its Association with Glycosylation and STAT5 ActivationKinslechner, K., Schörghofer, D., Schütz, B., Vallianou, M., Wingelhofer, B., Mikulits, W., et al.United Kingdom
42Dr Bettina WingelhoferOncogeneSTAT3 promotes melanoma metastasis by CEBP-induced repression of the MITF pathwaySwoboda A, Soukup R, Eckel O, Kinslechner K, Wingelhofer B, Schörghofer D, Sternberg C, et al.United Kingdom
43Dr Bettina WingelhoferVeterinary and Comparative OncologyThe JAK2/STAT5 signaling pathway as a potential therapeutic target in canine mastocytomaKeller, A., Wingelhofer, B., Peter, B., Bauer, K., Berger, D., Gamperl, S., Reifinger, M., et al.United Kingdom
44Dr Vilma DembitzAdv Biol RegulInositol pyrophosphates modulate cell cycle independently of alteration in telomere lengthBanfic H, Crljen V, Lukinovic-Skudar V, Dembitz V, Lalic H, Bedalov A, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
45Dr Vilma DembitzAutophagyGuidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)Klionsky DJ et al.United Kingdom
46Dr Vilma DembitzBMC Cancer5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoside induces differentiation in a subset of primary acute myeloid leukemia blastsDembitz V, Lalic H, Kodvanj I, Tomic B, Batinic J, Dubravcic K, Batinic D, Bedalov A, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
47Dr Vilma DembitzCell Death Discov5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoside-induced autophagy flux during differentiation of monocytic leukemia cellsDembitz V, Lalic H, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
48Dr Vilma DembitzCellsAICAr, a Widely Used AMPK Activator with Important AMPK-Independent Effects: A Systematic ReviewVišnjic D, Lalic H, Dembitz V, Tomic B, Smoljo T.United Kingdom
49Dr Vilma DembitzCurr Med ChemThe Role of AMPK/mTOR Modulators in the Therapy of Acute Myeloid LeukemiaVisnjic D, Dembitz V, Lalic H.United Kingdom
50Dr Vilma DembitzFront OncolThe Role of Metabolism in the Development of Personalized Therapies in Acute Myeloid LeukemiaDembitz V, Gallipoli P.United Kingdom
51Dr Vilma DembitzHaematologicaAn accurate, simple prognostic model consisting of age, JAK2, CALR, and MPL mutation status for patients with primary myelofibrosisRozovski U, Verstovsek S, Manshouri T, Dembitz V, Bozinovic K, Newberry K, Zhang Y, Bove JE 4th, PieUnited Kingdom
52Dr Vilma DembitzInt J HematolThe mechanism of synergistic effects of arsenic trioxide and rapamycin in acute myeloid leukemia cell lines lacking typical t(15;17) translocationDembitz V, Lalic H, Ostojic A, Vrhovac R, Banfic H, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
53Dr Vilma DembitzInt J Hematol .All-trans retinoic acid induces differentiation in primary acute myeloid leukemia blasts carrying an inversion of chromosome 16Dembitz V, Lalic H, Tomic B, Smoljo T, Batinic J, Dubravcic K, Batinic D, Bedalov A, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
54Dr Vilma DembitzJ Biol ChemThe ribonucleoside AICAr induces differentiation of myeloid leukemia by activating the ATR/Chk1 via pyrimidine depletionDembitz V, Tomic B, Kodvanj I, Simon JA, Bedalov A, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
55Dr Vilma DembitzLeuk Lymphoma5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoside induces differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia cellsLalic H, Dembitz V, Lukinovic-Skudar V, Banfic H, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
56Dr Vilma DembitzPathol Oncol ResCombined inhibition of PI3K and mTOR exerts synergistic antiproliferative effect, but diminishes differentiative properties of rapamycin in acute myeloid leukemia cellsMise J, Dembitz V, Banfic H, Visnjic D.United Kingdom
57Dr Rémi SafiActa Dermato-VenereologicaNeutrophil Extracellular Traps are Present in Immune-complex-mediated Cutaneous Small Vessel Vasculitis and Correlate with the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and the Severity of Vessel DamageRémi Safi*, Christina Bergqvist*, Georges El-Hasbani, Ossama Abbas, Abdul-Ghani Kibbi, Dany NassarSpain
58Dr Rémi SafiArchives of Dermatological ResearchUnderstanding the Phenotypic Similarities between IFAP and Olmsted syndrome from a molecular Perspective: The Interaction of MBTPS2 and TRPV3Georges Nemer, Rémi Safi, Firas Kreidieh, Christina Bergqvist, Farah Ballout, Waed Btadini, Nour HamSpain
59Dr Rémi SafiBiomedicine & PharmacotherapyA ferutinin analogue with enhanced potency and selectivity against ER-positive breast cancer cells in vitroRémi Safi, Aline Hamade, Najat Bteich, Jamal El Saghir, Mona Diab-Assaf, Marwan El-Sabban and FadiaSpain
60Dr Rémi SafiBreast cancerComparative effect of sodium butyrate and sodium propionate on proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis in human breast cancer cells MCF-7Semaan J, El-Hakim S, Ibrahim JN, Safi R, Elnar AA, El Boustany CSpain
61Dr Rémi SafiCancersPannexin1 Is Associated with Enhanced Epithelial-To-Mesenchymal Transition in Human Patient Breast Cancer Tissues and in Breast Cancer Cell LinesNour Jalaleddine, Layal El-Hajjar, Hassan Dakik, Abdallah Shaito, Jessica Saliba, Rémi Safi, Kazem ZSpain
62Dr Rémi SafiCancersThe multi-kinase inhibitor EC-70124 is a promising candidate for the treatment of FLT3-ITD-positive acute myeloid leukemiaBelen Lopez-Millan*, Paula Costales, Francisco Gutiérrez-Agüera, Rafael Díaz de la Guardia, Heleia RSpain
63Dr Rémi SafiClin Exp Pharmacol PhysiolSuPAR, a potential inflammatory mediator in psoriasis pathogenesisLamiaa Hamie, Edward Eid, Ossama Abbas, Remi Safi, Tarak Nammour, Hani Tamim, Maha Makki, Carla StepSpain
64Dr Rémi SafiClin GenetA novel TRAF3IP2 variant causing familial scarring alopecia with mixed features of discoid lupus erythematosus and folliculitis decalvansNemer G, El-Hachem N, Eid E, Hamie L, Bardawil T, Khalil S, El-Rassy I, Safi R, Khalil A, Abbas O, SSpain
65Dr Rémi SafiClinical Genetics journalErythropoeitic Protoporphyria, a Clinical and Molecular Study from Lebanon: Ferrochelatase a Potential Tumor Suppressor Gene in Colon CancerHumam Kadara, Georges Nemer, Rémi Safi, Nelly Rebeiz, Diana Delbani, Waed Btadini, Ossama Abbas, MonSpain
66Dr Rémi SafiCurrent drug targetsFerula hermonis: a review of current use and pharmacological studies of its sesquiterpene ester ferutininRémi Safi, Marwan El-Sabban, Fadia NajjarSpain
67Dr Rémi SafiCurrent Drug TargetsMedicinal plants towards modeling skin cancerMohammad El-Harakeh, Sara Al-Ghadban, Rémi SafiSpain
68Dr Rémi SafiEuropean Journal of DermatologyFOXI2, a Possible New Determinant of Ectodermal DysplasiasMazen Kurban, Savo Bou Zeineddine, Lamiaa Hamie, Rémi Safi, Ossama Abbas, Abdul Ghani Kibbi, Fadi BiSpain
69Dr Rémi SafiExp DermatolCharacterizing the presence of neutrophil extracellular traps in neutrophilic dermatosesRémi Safi*, Edward Eid*, Georges El Hasbani, Valérie Aftimos, Ossama Abbas, Abdul-Ghani Kibbi, DanySpain
70Dr Rémi SafiExperimental DermatologyInvestigating the presence of neutrophil extracellular traps in cutaneous lesions of different subtypes of lupus erythematosusRémi Safi*, Jana El-Hage*, Ossama Abbas, Abdul-Ghani Kibbi, Dany NassarSpain
71Dr Rémi SafiInt J DermatolInvestigating the presence of neutrophil extracellular traps in septal and lobular cutaneous panniculitidesRémi Safi, Georges El Hasbani, Tara Bardawil, Ossama Abbas, Abdul-Ghani Kibbi, Dany NassarSpain
72Dr Rémi SafiInternational Journal of DermatologySLURP-1 is mutated in Mal de Meleda, a potential molecular signature for melanoma and a putative squamous lineage tumor suppressor geneHumam Kadara, Christina Bergvist, Georges Nemer, Rémi Safi, Mirna Karouni, Laetitia Daou, Nadine MarSpain
73Dr Rémi SafiJCO Global OncologyGiant Inflatable Colon Model Enhances Lebanese Community Knowledge and Intention for Colorectal Cancer ScreeningAmro Baassiri, Mohammad El-Harakeh, Abdulrahman Itani, Farah J. Nassar, Rémi Safi, Zeina Dassouki, MSpain
74Dr Rémi SafiJournal of Chemical Biology and Drug DesignHemisynthesis, antitumoral effect and molecular docking studies of ferutinin and its analoguesRémi Safi, Frédéric Rodriguez, Georges Hilal, Mona Diab Assaf, Youssef Diab, Marwan El-Sabban, FadiaSpain
75Dr Rémi SafiJournal of dermatological scienceNeutrophils contribute to vasculitis by increased release of neutrophil extracellular traps in Behçet’s diseaseRémi Safi, Romy Kallas, Tara Bardawil, Carl Joe Mehanna, Ossama Abbas, Rola Hamam, Imad Uthman, AbduSpain
76Dr Rémi SafiJournal of Gastrointestinal OncologyLoss of ferrochelatase is protective against colon cancer cells: Ferrochelatase a possible regulator of the LncRNA H19Rémi Safi, Tala Mohsen-Kanson, Georges Nemer, Batoul Dekmak, Nelly Rubeiz, Marwan El-Sabban, Dany NaSpain
77Dr Rémi SafiMoleculesSLC35B4, an inhibitor of gluconeogenesis, responds to glucose stimulation and downregulates Hsp60 among other proteins in HepG2 liver cell linesRémi Safi*, Brigitte Wex*, Perla Zgheib, Gregory Antonios, Dania B. Awad, Firas Kobeissy, Rami MahfoSpain
78Dr Rémi SafiPhotodermatology, Photoimmunology & PhotomedicineComparative characterization of sun exposed and sun protected skin-derived mesenchymal-like stem cells in variegate porphyria and healthy individualsRémi Safi, Elie Malek, Georges Nemer, Reem Sayed, Edward Eid, Samar Khalil, Nourhane Nasser, OssamaSpain
79Dr Rémi SafiScientific ReportsChemosensitivity of MCF-7 Cells to Eugenol: release of cytochrome C and Lactate dehydrogenaseRana Al Wafai, Warde El-Rabih, Meghry Katerji, Rémi Safi, Marwan El Sabban, Omar El-Rifai, Julnar UsSpain
80Ms Ayona JohnseLife'Loss of Kat2a enhances transcriptional noise and depletes acute myeloid leukemia stem-like cells'Domingues, A.F, [8 authors], Ayona Johns, [4 authors], Pina, C.United Kingdom
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